Elejah Appreciation Week:

Day 5: Favourite Elejah Quote.

This was supposed to be posted two days ago but I was so busy, I didn’t have the time.

Ok, so just like my favourite Elijah moments, I can’t really choose which one is my favourite quote. Becauae everything they say to each other is flawless. But for my mood right now, this one is probably the one I would give the cake to. 

"I leave it to you to make the decision,"

Not Stefan, not Matt and not Damon, but Elena. She is going to be the one making the decision. Why? Because Elijah is allowing her to. He is allowing her to say something, to break free and make her own choices. If it’s wrong or right, it is her choice. Not anyone else’s.

"Whether to trust me, or not."

He says it calmly but his eyes scream desperation, he needs her to trust him. However, he doesn’t force her to, he lets her choose whatever she wants to choose. Because he knows, free will is what she needs. So he gives it to her, hoping the he would get his need in return, her trust.

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