Elejah Appreciation Week:

Day 7: AU Elejah Scene.

Just a warning: If you get offended easily about your favourite character (which happens to be Elejah) then you better gtfo of this post. Or actually don’t ever see a post that was made by me.

If any of you don’t know, I have this role playing blog, an original character, to be specific. 

I role play a boy called William, he is not bright at all and guess who is his parents are? Yes, Elejah! It may seem bullshit like, “They can’t procreate, how can he be born?” Well, that’s the power of AU isn’t it?

Let’s leave all the alternate universe stuff and let’s think what would they actually do if they had a child…

  • They would care for the child -In this case, William.-
  • They would protect him with every thing they have.
  • They would never do anything to make him sad.
  • And I could go on.

But you know what is amazing about AU? You can basically take the real thing, and turn it into something completely different. So this is the way they reacted in my world instead of the list up above:

  • When they realise he is not so bright, they get really disappointed.
  • Elijah cries whenever he sees Will.
  • Elena doesn’t know what to do with her life.
  • Elijah lives in a cave so no one could bother him.
  • They avoid Will as much as they can.
  • And I’m sure you got the picture.

I am not saying that this is what they would ACTUALLY do. Me and an awesome friend made this account thinking it was all going to be for the jokes. But little did I know, I would get attached to the boy. 

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